3rd engineer required for Windstar Cruises

Posted on 13 Feb 2024 by Viking Recruitment

27 Feb 2024
Sailing Boat 60m Undisclosed

Job description

Windstar Cruises are looking for a 3rd engineer to join the fleet!

Duties :
Promulgate a culture of safe and environmentally compliant operations throughout the vessel.

Manage and control the operation of all engine machinery space equipment verifying compliance with Flag & Class and WSC company policies.

The 3rd ENGINEER will work as directed in most cases using the time in training to better their knowledge and experience for a future promotion to 2nd Engineer and full SEOOW.

Promptly actions work orders from AmosW fleet maintenance program for their assigned duties and responsibilities, and accurately records history, performance of the machinery on completion of the work order in the AmosW database.

Supports the Chief Engineer with REFMAN dry-dock / wet-dock specifications ensuring detailed defect writing is carried out on any system as directed by the Chief Engineer.

When assigned the duties of a SEOOW will follow the duties and responsibilities of the 2nd Engineer SEOOW.

The 3rd Engineer will be proactive with machinery space inspections prior to and during their watch, to ensure safety is maintained at all times and that all environmental procedures are being followed, and actively engages to identify operational improvements and initiatives to further improve the quality assurance of the machinery spaces.

Rotation: 4 months on / 2 months off
Salary: Paid in GBP / USD per day worked (+ return bonus)

Certification Requirements:
EOOW Licence

Suitable experience in rank is required

Salary note

Paid in GBP / USD per day worked (+ return bonus)

Starting location

Not specified

Leave allowance

Not specified

Gym for crew

Not specified

Job requirements



MCA EOOW Unlimited


Minimum experience

2 years


Not specified


Not specified

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