Medic needed for 80m Humanitarian Vessel

Posted on 01 Nov 2023 by Quay Crew

08 Nov 2023
Motor Yacht 80m Private

Job description

Medic needed for 80m Humanitarian Vessel.
We are looking for qualified, experienced paramedic/ first responder to join this incredible Private, Humanitarian Vessel in the Caribbean.
This is an extremely particular, yet exciting role for someone with a genuine interest in making a difference in the world whilst using their skills and qualifications as a medical professional.
This vessel is a private, humanitarian and research vessel, owned by a company whose goal is to strengthen their disaster response capabilities and capacity throughout Latin America and the Caribbean.
The ideal candidate will have experience working in hospitals or the ambulance service, on the front line as a first responder or paramedic. They must have experience dealing with trauma as well as distributing and controlling medicines and supplies.
The vessel has it’s own small hospital onboard, as well as a hyperbolic chamber room, a classroom, and a laboratory.
They have the capability to store up to a month's worth of supplies, so if needed they can be at anchor, or working remotely for up to a month at a time whilst also being able to provide aid & supplies to those in need.
The vessel is prepared and trained to attend anywhere that has recently suffered from a natural disaster, such as a hurricane, volcanic eruption, or tsunami. They have supplies, tools and vehicles onboard to be able to offer aid & support in any way they can.
This role will be a dual role; medic/ interior crew. Your duties will include being responsible for all medical areas and supplies onboard, working closely with Medaire, medically training the crew and running drills as well as interior upkeep.– The interior side will include housekeeping & laundry for the crew; however, the vessel does not have guest accommodation. Sometimes you will be required to make teas/ coffees for visitors but no ‘service’ as such. You must be happy to be part of the interior team, helping wherever needed and maintaining the high cleanliness standards onboard.
There is a crew of 25 onboard, who are like one ‘big family’. They would like someone who has a genuine interest in the work the vessel is doing who can also kick back and get along with them during down time. They are fit and active, adventurous, love to explore where they are with a good mixture of introverts and extroverts and a mix of nationalities (Irish, Scottish, Australian, Jamaican – to name a few!). They enjoy hiking, diving, fishing but also going out for a few drinks and dinner!
Salary: DOE.
Leave: 8:8 rotation.

Salary note

Salary: DOE

Starting location


Leave allowance

183 days

Gym for crew

Not specified

Job requirements




Minimum experience

2 years


Not specified


Not specified

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