About me

Hello, I live in Nice-France and immediately available for a temp position or full season. I speak English and French and I worked many years with multicultural teams. All the experiences during my career developed me into a very professional, discreet, good team player, flexible, positive can-do attitude, detailed and solution oriented person. In period May-Jul I had many days worker in SOF and start 09 Aug up to 02 Sept 2021 I was Solo Stew on the boat Lady Amanda 34 m (charter). In Sept 2021 (Monaco Yacht Show included) I am working Solo Stew for boat Xeia 34 m (private).In period Oct-Nov 2021 I had many days worker and start Dec 2021 I am Solo Stew/Cook rotation for boat Horizon (42 m). I have a driving license B+D, craft license by 2018 (Large Tender Driver PB L2 included) max. 24 meters and I am very comfortable with all the duties on board. I have expertise in inventories & provisioning, I am willing to help in all departments and I am very motivated to be part of the team. I'm up to date with Steward Certificate, STCW (2026), ENG 1(2023), Food & Hygiene L2, PDSD,Certificate First Aid Advanced, US visa B1/B2+C1/D(2031) and EU Digital COVID Certificate with code QR + shot 3 Booster.


STEW(Temporary) at

July 2021 - December 2021 (5 mons)

Solo Interior Stew + period Monaco Yacht Show

Stew/Deck(Temporary) at

August 2021 - September 2021 (1 mon 1 day)

Stew/Deck Interior-Service-Deckie

Interior Stew(Daywork) at

July 2021 - August 2021 (28 days)


  • Basic Wine Course
  • Car Driving License
  • Cocktail Making Course
  • ENG-1
  • Food and Hygiene Level 1
  • Food and Hygiene Level 2
  • Food and Hygiene Level 2
  • Proficiency in Designated Security Duties
  • Proficiency in Security Awareness
  • Purser Diploma
  • RYA Advanced Powerboat
  • Silver Service
  • STCW 95

Hobbies & Interests

I enjoy keeping fit and train most days either in the gym, cycling and running. I love travelling, fishing, I love the sea and seeing new places and I am willing to help in all departments.


  • Stew Certificate
  • Craft Driver -Large Tender (Expiry: 01 Jan 2029)
  • STCW 95 (Expiry: 05 Jan 2026)
  • Food - Hygiene (Expiry: 07 Jan 2026)
  • PDSD (Expiry: 07 Jan 2023)
  • ENG 1 (Expiry: 04 Jan 2023)
  • Certificate First Aid Advanced
  • Driver Licence B-D

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